Frequently Asked Questions


What is Food Frogger?
We know life gets busy. Sometimes you just don't want to deal with traffic, go to the store, or just not in the mood for cooking. This is where Food Frogger comes in! Order from your favorite businesses and our Mobile Waiter Workforce will have a Personal Shopper at your pad before you know it!

How does Food Frogger work? 
With our state of the art technologies, you place an order from your favorite businesses by logging onto our mobile app or online at www.foodfrogger.com. Once your order is placed, the business is notified and so is our Mobile Waiter Workforce via our newly designed apps. Then sit back and wait, we will be at your pad shortly!

Does Food Frogger deliver alcohol and tobacco?
Yes. We follow all state laws and guildelines when it comes to the purchase of alocohol or tobacco. The customer MUST be of legal age and present ID at time of delivery. If the customer does not have legal, Valid ID or is not of age, the sale will be denied. Your credit card will be credited for the sale less the delivery and processing fees. 

Does Food Frogger accept cash?
Our Mobile Waiter Workforce will gladly accept cash tips. When ordering from Food Frogger, cash payments are not an option. We apologoze for an inconvenience this may cause but we take our safety very seriously and decided not carrying cash was the way to go. 

What if something went wrong with my order?
To err is human. Things happen, but we will do everything we can to fix it! If there is something missing from your order or if something isnt quite right please contact us at 1-800-617-6321. Unlike those other guys, you'll be able to speak to a human who will be able to assist you immediately.

I want to be a driver for Food Frogger, how do I apply?
Awesome! On our webpage, scroll down until you see our Mobile Waiter Workforce, click on 'Become A Driver'. Someone will be in touch soon.

I own a business, it's not a restaurant but Im intersted in delivery. Can Food Frogger help me?
Absolutely! If we can pick it up (within reason) and deliver it, we will! Contact one of our Sales Agents at 1-800-617-6321 and we will get you started!

I have a comment or question. Do you have an email address? 
Yes. We welcome any comments, questions, concerns. Our email address is Foodfrogger@yahoo.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Mon thru Fri8am-Noon

Dinner Hours

Mon thru Thursnoon- 10pm


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